Key Figures

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2.9 years

Average loan period for National Treasury loans

As of June 2022


Average interset rate on National Treasury debt

At year end 2022

DKK 22.9 billion

GDP 2021

Sorce: Statistic Bureau of Faroe Islands

DKK 3.5 billion

National Treasury's interest-bearing debt

Market value as of December 31th 2022

DKK 3.4 billion

National Treasury liquidity

Avrage amount December 2022

DKK 0.1billion

National Treasury net debt

Interest-bearing debt subtracted from liquidity


Interesst-bearing debt as a precentage of 2021 GDP

As of December 31th 2022

DKK 138 million

Government Budget Surplus


0.01 %

Government Budget Deficit as percentage of GDP